Terms and Conditions

General terms

General conditions comprise the process of ordering, payment, delivery and returns regarding products on offer in the Plavec & Fiket webshop, at www.dotlab.com.hr. In the webshop indicated, the company Plavec & Fiket shall be the seller, while the buyer shall be each webshop customer who orders at least one product from the seller’s webshop, or places his order in another manner.

The buyer shall be liable for the accuracy and completeness of the information entered during registration and/or when placing an order for products.

We strive to provide a detailed description and image of the products listed in the web catalog, however we are not responsible for the accuracy of the listed information. In case of dissatisfaction with the products purchased, each buyer shall be entitled (without specifying a reason) to returns and reimbursement pursuant to the Customer Protection Act.


All prices on the webshop at www.dotlab.com.hr are listed in EURO (EUR).

The shopping cart indicates prices with a cash discount.

The Croatian VAT rate of 25% is NOT included in all prices.

Plavec & Fiket retains the right to modify prices without prior notice, which is applied in case of a significant price change by the suppliers. Prices indicated on the offer (which we deliver based on your order) will not be modified in the period in which the offer is valid, and are binding for Plavec & Fiket as the seller.


All products offered on our webshop can be ordered online, by phone, fax or e-mail at info@dotlab.com.hr

Product will be produced and delivered as ordered in shopping cart. We are NOT responsible for any mistakes made by ordering process. Please be careful and select options that fits you best.

Once each order is received (by the webshop electronic form or in another manner), the buyer will receive an offer with an indicated validity period, date and type of delivery and payment instructions.


Buyers can select from several payment types:

  • Money order (payment through a bank, post office or by internet banking)
  • Bank transfer (direct transfer from one account to another)
  • In-store cash,

Payment by money order or by bank transfer:

Once we receive your offer, you will receive a non-binding offer from us by e-mail. Our payment options include internet banking transfers, or payment in any bank. Once payment is credited to our account, or if you provide proof of payment,order will be processed.


Once the payment against offer/proforma invoice is credited to our account, Plavec & Fiket starts with production & delivery process.

Plavec & Fiket is bound to deliver all ordered and paid products in the period indicated on the offer against which payment was made. Our customers have full protection from the inability of delivering an ordered and paid product, since the offer provided to the customer, against which payment is made, is issued only after verification of the product availability. If the seller is unable to deliver the products purchased due to unpredictable events (acts of God or alike), Plavec & Fiket will fully reimburse the paid amount to the buyer within 2-5 days.

Delivery costs for the products depend on their transport weight and volume.In case of bulky or non-standard packaging dimensions, we reserve the right to increase transport price calculated by web-shop system. The full amount of charge for delivery to your address will be allways clearly indicated on the offer (and there can not be any extra costs).

Products will be delivered to the address door in the period indicated on the offer. In cases of delivery to apartment buildings, the delivery person will not carry the products to the floor of the buyer, only to the building’s front door. We deliver through trusted logistics companies like HP Express, Lagermax AED and Overseas Express.

IMPORTANT: When receiving the product, please check the shipment and report immediately eventual damages to the driver and ask for the “damage report” to be created and signed by the driver, or refuse to accept a shipment with visible external damage. All claims without damage report, can not be accepted.

If the buyer prefers to pick up the products personally from the seller’s location, or decides to arrange the shipping by himself, no delivery costs will be charged.

Returns or reimbursement requests

In accordance with provisions of the Croatian Consumer Protection Act, the buyer may cancel a purchase contract within 14 days after receiving the products purchased, without indicating a specific reason, and request reimbursement from the seller.

In case of returns, according to provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer must deliver the product in question to the seller at his own cost. A return will be granted only for non-damaged products, in their original packaging, with the background documents and the original invoice. Otherwise the request for a return will not be granted.

In case the buyer decides to not personally return the product to the store, but to use the delivery service, Plavec & Fiket reserves the right to charge for handling costs for the products in question, amounting to 5% of the returned product value (min. HRK 100.00 and max. HRK 500.00).

Pursuant to the Act, Plavec & Fiket will reimburse the amount within 30 days from the date the purchase contract was cancelled, less the possible handling costs for the returned product (as described above).

Privacy protection

The company Plavec & Fiket shall ensure data confidentiality for its customers, by requesting only the basic information about customers/users, necessary for the fulfillment of its obligations.

Once a customer registers, Plavec & Fiket informs all registered customers about the usage of their data, including the possibility of opting out of having their name used on marketing and advertising lists.

All user data is strictly confidential, and is available only to company employees who need it for the purpose of operation. All employees of Plavec & Fiket, as well as business partners, are bound to respect privacy protection principles.

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